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Overall, I don’t have a lot to complain about. My dev team is volunteer; luckily, the way they tailor their schedule syncs up with my financial situation. I don’t like to waste anything, so when I found a decent facsimile of the ship I want to use for our first title, I took the asset Dylan already created and turned it into another enemy. I think he’s a little mad at me now, since he has to start from scratch…

Jake is generally a good kid. He’s young, but he’s dynamically creative and my flair for drama has nothing on him. I chose him not only because he supplied one hell of a writing sample, but he knew what it was like to develop a story and have it grow beyond you.
Anyway, Jake is professional way beyond his years, so when I send email after email, it’s uncharacteristic th at I don’t hear back from him. A little worried, I drop him a line and after confirming that he’s okay…I wonder why he hasn’t responded to any of my messages yet. What he says makes my heart skip a beat;

What messages??
In game development, the most precious commodity you have is time, not money. You can recover lost finances.
I’m curious as to why Jake hasn’t been receiving my messages, so I open my outlook and with him on the phone, I ask him to confirm his email address. Turns out I was off by a number…and he hadn’t received any of the updates I had been sending for the last week.

Jake often gets the extremes of my emotions because it’s very rare I can talk to someone and be completely myself. He must’ve listened (very patiently) as I beat myself up for over ten minutes. I compiled and forwarded all of the messages that he’s missed, and he should be back up to speed come Monday.

I am relentless on myself when it comes to these thoughtless errors for so many reasons. Game development is a cutthroat business, and only the best survive. The best of the best succeed. Right now, there is undoubtedly someone in the world who is doing the exact same thing as I, who will not make the mistake I just did. I also wonder who has been receiving all of my mails, since I haven’t been getting daemons back. Jake is good, but now he has to spend time catching up. This was time that could’ve been spent fleshing out the story of the human race’s battle against the Tethoy. Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough.

The point is, this is a stupid clerical error that could’ve been avoided with just a little proofreading, and I was so caught up in multitasking that this one mistake cost almost a week worth of development time. I beat myself up so it won’t happen again.

After I finished ranting, Jake suggested (calmly) that he can pick up the slack; pick up what I miss, as he’s meticulous when it comes to details. Going along with this, he’s going to get a copy of my office pro so we can keep the same files. We are partners, after all.

In some eyes, this is not a costly mistake, and I understand. I just want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

I won’t be trying to guess what I’ll write about from week to week anymore. I do better when I shoot from the hip. Thanks for reading along and bearing with me.






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