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Ugh. It’s Wednesday, and it’s not been a good week. First of all, on a separate project, I have to get thirty pages done by next Monday. Thanks to congested nights at work and just plain laziness, I’ve struggled to reach four. I always have one day a week where I seem to be invincible; capable of keeping my mind at warp speed for hours on end. That usually happens on Monday, but I’m hoping for a few more of those. But right now, entire pots of coffee can’t clear the exhaustion from my mind.

I suppose I really shouldn’t complain; I was able to purchase Torque on schedule and get it uploaded, and I can write that off as a business expense next year. On the other side, Jake’s internet went down, and it’s down indefinitely, effectively cutting me off from my partner. We’re able to stay in touch via phone, but I can’t transmit documentation over the phone, now can I?
And to top it all off, Dylan backed out today, leaving me without a sprite artist.

Of course, my mind goes into overdrive; I already contacted a few backups and placed an ad. If worse comes to worse, I have to learn to do the work myself. I’ve been studying up on tutorials and I realize I at least need to provide better concept art. That much I can do.

You know, in the end, you can bitch, moan, and complain, but the work still needs to get done, even if you have to do it yourself. I’m not one to complain about my losses, rather focus on what I have. I still have a very competent programmer, and with his schedule, I figure we can actually begin production at the beginning of next month. By this time, I’ll have the whole engine and—God willing—a full staff.

If I have no one, I have to do it myself.

In the meantime, I’ve begun planning my entry into the Make-Something-Unreal competition hosted by Epic. I’m entering in the machinima category, which makes me ineligible for the grand prize, but that’s not the point of entering; win or lose, if the film gets enough attention, then people will want more of the story. Desire, done right, can translate out into demand. Blessedly I was able to renew a contract with very competent manga artist I know, and the script for the film has been done, and reviewed, for months. If you want a copy, drop me a line.

Not a lot to complain about. This is all part of it, so I take my licks and move on.


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