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I suppose if I have to find time to post, it means I’ve been keeping myself really busy. At my age, I have to play to my strengths.

I look at building a good development team the same way the owners in the NFL look at constructing a solid football team; sign talented people, put them in the right places, and then hope you can lead them all the way. In this case, to publication.

In the world of indie game development, Modern Magic is definitely the expansion team; its head didn’t arrive here by learning code, and we’re actually trying to break into mainstream development.

Luckily, despite a few delays, things are swimmingly back on track. Shan actually handed in a demo featuring very basic gameplay fit for the Xbox 360! Jake is the one who gets to test it out. I have to take my ego out of the equation here; I’m developing a game for a system I don’t own, nor can I afford right now. It hurts that I can’t play my own game.

But the point is, we have accomplished enough to put something playable together, even if it’s not fit for public consumption.

But it was my idea, we can play it, and I have full faith in Jake’s judgment. That’s huge.

I’m also pleased to say I have no shortage of personnel suddenly. I’m abysmally broke, but things are getting done, and that’s what counts.
Modern Magic Enterprises isn’t only about video games; it’s mission is to tell great stories. I’ve had a script ready for Epic’s Make-Something-Unreal competition for a few months now, and I just signed a weapons and character concept artist to begin preproduction. According to the rules of the contest, the film has to be under five minutes, and we are ineligible for the grand prize. To be honest, I could probably take Trista’s concept art and make the film myself using MovieStorm, but Epic will give us way more exposure. It’s always nice to be able to put “Honorable Mention” or even better “1st Place” beside your title.

The film, “Universal Warrior: Faithless” deals with a small paramilitary unit and their leader, Ann Dalloway as they try to recover the spikes used to execute the son of the universes’ creator, and make a miraculous discovery. How this discovery is dealt with will have alter the lives of everyone involved forever.

I’ve also begun work on “Universal Warrior: The Last Campaign” as a work of print. Everyone keeps telling me that the best way to hold onto your rights is to create them as a novel and then go from there. The hardest part for me is disciplining myself to see this through to completion, as I can envision Universal Warrior in every form of media on the planet. But it has to get it’s start somewhere. The story revolves around the first Archangels as they battle their way from Valhalla to the gates of Heaven in a final attempt to hold off the armies of Lucifer.

So that’s it. One week, things are bleak, the next, you’re in the high life. This is a good moment, so I’m going to capitalize on it and keep things moving forward. Until next time…



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  1. Hey Hon;
    Was ya thinkin bout Blackie(Lucifer)in your “Universal Warrior: The Last Campaign”? Just curious. LOL. See ya later.

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