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The first thing I’m going to mention, is going to continue the theme of blogs. Regarding blogs, the key is not what you know. In fact, many of the blogs I’ve come across are populated by people to whom knowing a vast amount is an entirely alien concept.* The key, is who you know. It’s all about networking.

That said, I’m going to share a blog with you kind readers. Self-described as “A blog containing tequila and truth, science and skepticism, culture and cynicism, wordsmithing and wonder, and an abundance of alliteration”, En Tequila Es Verdad is written by a very close friend of mine, Dana Hunter. While it’s not directly related to video games or its processes, leaning instead towards more political topics, its a very snarky, fun blog to read and one of my occasional past times. For a while I co-authored the blog, adding some articles regarding education, but she has far outgrown me at this point, and I have since resigned the post. In any case, its a great blog to read and I highly recommend it. If there is any cross over in the articles I will mention it, but this is mostly just a plug.

I will be posting a real article on here tomorrow or the next day. Currently, it is 4:30 in the morning, and I am meeting my girlfriend in a few hours to spend the day. Goodnight.

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